Backup Solutions

Your Data Is Safe With Us.

Disaster recovery planning and online data backup are important parts of every project we commit to—and the planning and development process always incorporates an automated daily and weekly data backup strategy. Your data is stored on a frequent basis—so you’ll always have the most current backups, just in case.

But automation isn’t the whole picture with us. Along with online data backup service, We provide extensive cross-functional training to our team members—so if we lose the key person overseeing your project, there’s always someone ready to step in. We build redundancy into the process—meaning our clients always have a safety net.

Clevertech is used to working in high-stakes online data backup environments. Some of our clients are major financial firms and hedge funds—where lost data could mean losses of millions or even billions of dollars. Other clients are global companies relying on terabytes of data—if a major data storage failure occurs, the whole operation goes down.

So when we say we’re committed to data security, we mean it. We treat every client like it’s a major financial firm or global company, with zero toleration of loss. With our online data backup solutions and services, your data is always safe and secure.