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With great clients

Clevertech is what happens when you put world class experienced talent in front of really hard problems. A stress-free, ego-less workplace where amazing things get done every day, and everyone gives a damn. Just the way it should be. Clevertech is driven by three core values.


Build your remote career at Clevertech from anywhere in the world. We have been working remote for more than a decade, and know how to make it work. For real.


Be a master of your craft, and gain new ones. You will work alongside the best of the best, focusing on your core skills...not attending meetings about scheduling meetings.


Clevertech’s projects and business are driven by a unifying goal… helping each other and our clients meet our ultimate ambitions, professionally and personally.

With great people

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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. It takes a team of people doing what they love to change the world. Clevertech makes this possible."


Software Architect

"Clevertech has the family feel of a start-up, yet has the experience and stability of a blue chip."


Lead Mobile Developer

"Clevertech is not just a name. Clever is building trust and focusing on tech and culture to do it fast, pretty and with quality!"


Javascript Developer

Remote Careers First

Clevertech has been remote exclusively since 2006. Probably too early, we know. However, that has given us ample time to fine tune our processes, tools and technology to allow mature, senior team members do remote right, natively.

Flexible Working

Work from where you want, whenever you want. Make standup daily, and have your work schedule approved, and you are good to go!

Judged on results not time

We don't believe in measuring hours here, so we threw our timesheets out years ago. At Clevertech, it's all about results.

Strong international community

Work alongside colleagues living and travelling across the globe. Pick up new cultures, experiences, and great people and places to visit the next time you hit the road.


One Month Paid Time Off For You

We want our team to feel recharged and able to disconnect throughout the year. Take the time you need and we'll be excited to see you on Slack when you're back.

Personal Development Fund

For you to grow each year. What would you do with $1,200 every year? We can't wait to see how you invest in yourself, because we know how much you invest in us as a company.

Clevertech Gives Back

Three times a year we have fun ways to give back to you, and your communities. It's important for us to celebrate our Cleverpeople and the things that matter most to them.

Clever U

We want everyone at Clevertech to grow in their roles, careers, and as a person. Because of that we offer the following: Leadership Training, Habit Building, and Trainings.

Awesome Culture and Community

We have different ways to help you stay connected to Clevertech, and your co-workers. Swag, newsletters, and book clubs are only a few to look forward to.

Tenure Based Rewards

We can't give away all of our secrets here, but stay with Clevertech long enough, you'll have a month long sabbatical on us :)

Amazon Kindle

We have a list of books that have helped us all become better leaders and Cleverpeople. Plus, who doesn't like to talk books with their co-workers?

Clevertech Work Culture

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