Communities & Network Development

Advancements in the software development world never stop. And our team is always on the bleeding edge. You'll find our people active in forums, technology groups, or certain Open Source community engaged in solving some of today's most important development challenges.

This pays off for our clients. It means your software is always taking full advantage of the latest technological developments. It means your application is always relevant and compliant with current standards. It means we know which new advances are passing fads—and which are worth investing in.

Clevertech takes a leadership role in prominent software development communities. We support the Yii framework extensively—we even sponsored the 2012 Yii Developers Conference in the UK. Our award-winning Yii Radio Blogcast has over 1,000 subscribers—and it's growing.

We're also active in the Open Source community development. We make life easier for other developers by publishing our source code libraries—and sharing our advances on behalf of clients. Our people have made major contributions to the Yii framework, Backbone, and Js libraries.

We leverage the extensive expertise of the Open Source community to the benefit of our clients every day. It means no matter what technical problem you're facing, we know where to find the answer. Because it's Open Source, the code is free—and we pass that savings on to our clients.

About Clevertech

Clevertech is a team of business analysts, developers and designers. We tackle complex business issues and engineer simplicity.

We work with visionary leaders who want full service partners for successful product launches.

We deliver minimal viable products in 30-90 days by being principally concerned with product definition, utilizing open source, and relying on our brilliant, multi-discipline developers.

With financial expertise and passion for user interface design, we find the sweet spot that creates value - the very definition of marginal utility.

Our Process

  • Understanding businessUnderstand

    Your ultimate business concerns defined together.

  • Minimal Viable ProductDefine the MVP

    Build only what you absolutely need.

  • IterateIterate

    You play. We work.