Javascript Development Services

Clevertech is committed to using JavaScript as a foundation for all of our applications. Here's why that's good for our customers.

Google has made a massive investment in JavaScript—through their development of the V8 search engine, an Open Source search platform based in JavaScript and fueling Google-based browsers like Safari and Chrome.

For visitors using Google browsers, your application or website will perform much faster than competitor sites that aren't based in JavaScript. This works in your favor, because online, speed wins. Visitors won't stick around if your competitor's site is performing slowly—they'll click over to yours, and notice the difference.

Adding interactive functionalities to a webpage can greatly improve the user's experience, and that's when JavaScript development comes in handy.

Our developers rely on extensive JavaScript expertise to develop strongly intuitive user interfaces and fast applications for our clients. Our comprehensive Backbone.js, Rafaël, and jQuery libraries let us speed up our development process—and get our client projects up and running in 30 days or less. We have written JavaScript code to accomplish everything from simple rollover effects to complex CSS manipulations.

Our team members are major contributors to Open Source libraries for JavaScript—and we stay on the cutting edge of advances in technology. As our client, you'll take advantage of our expertise in leveraging HTML5 to develop outstanding software for the desktop, laptop, and mobile device—that your end users can access with or without an Internet connection.


  • JavaScript adds behaviour to the web page, where the web page is capable of responding to actions of your visitors the easiest way possible. It allows you to improve your visitor's experience of the web page by converting it from a static page into one that can greatly interact with the end user.
  • Javascript is executed on the client side, which means it’s relatively fast to the user, as it doesn't need to be processed on the site's web server and to be returned to the end user. That's why it uses less local and server bandwidth.
  • Javascript development techniques are relatively easy to learn and comprise of syntax that is close to English.
  • this language provides extended functionality and interaction to web pages.
  • there are lots of compatible tools publicly available for free use, making it very easy to work with JavaScript, as well as testing and debugging it.
  • JavaScript fully sustains object oriented design.
  • it is a prototyping language so the objects can be defined and developed on the fly in order to fit a particular development use.
  • there are many good libraries and frameworks available for supporting the code, making it easy to manipulate and adjust web pages: Angular.JS, Backbone.JS, Ember.JS, Ext.JS, Knockout.JS, etc.
  • it provides cross-browsing compatibility, which means that it’s fully supported by all modern browsers and works seamlessly with HTML/CSS and background services, making your web app universally accessible. It’s indispensable to be used for HTML scripting and for creating simple form of dynamic functionality on a web page.


  • it customizes your web-based business software and also customer's browsing experience. Once a JavaScript app is initially loaded, it allows quick navigation through pages without the need to refresh the page, and can even be used in offline mode.
  • it is used to create integral, comprehensive, dynamic and interactive web products with state-of-art visual effects for the end customer.
  • it ensures the ease of maintenance of the outcome product.
  • it allows automating your desktop apps.
  • it allows to build comprehensive database business reports.
  • it makes it easy to visualize your business data.
  • it helps developing enhanced functionalities and has a lot of support apps and libraries. The ability to use the amount of functionalities already built into jQuery and other libraries enables web developers to focus on the business logic of the application.
  • JavaScript mobile web apps development: there are plenty of open source development JavaScript frameworks for building cross-platform mobile apps using HTML/CSS and other technologies.


Our JavaScript and jQuery experts are ready to help you build the desired design of your business application in order to meet the exact requirements and scope of your JavaScript web development project. Our JavaScript web development services include:

  • custom plug-ins;
  • version migration and cross-browser verification;
  • proper JavaScript frameworks that meet your needs;
  • taylored test suites;
  • various dynamic effects, such as: drop down menus, slideshows, image and menu rollovers, news scrollers, embedded audio and video, toggle buttons, text collapsing and expanding widgets;
  • stunning rollover effects, animations, carousels, datagrid behaviours, flash charts, bookmark integrations, paginations, sliders, chat applications and real-time tracking applications;
  • integration with different plugins for CMS and ecommerce applications;
  • validation of data inputted by users on website forms;
  • calculators and data processing generators for real time business calculations: loans, payments, mortgages and shopping carts;
  • calendars and interactive event notification widgets, that are carried out through the use of PHP combined with JavaScript (Ajax);
  • CSS manipulations, which means adding a lot of flexibility to your web app design;
  • app prototypes, JavaScript being a great choice for developing business MVP without wasting resources.

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