A Surprisingly Easy Way to Hack Yourself Every Day

How would you like to have an inspirational coach whisper in your ear every day that you can do anything you want? That you can be successful and achieve all of your goals? How much more productive would your days be if, right before you’re about to take on the day, you trigger a strong affirmation and burn it into your brain?

The good news is that you don’t actually have to hire a coach. 

I encourage all of my employees at Clevertech to utilize one simple strategy as a way to talk to themselves in a positive way first thing every morning. 

Everyone should be running a password manager. At Clevertech, we use 1Password. The catch, of course, is that you still need a master password to access 1Password. And it should be a great one. 

We all know the rules for choosing a password—it needs to be difficult to guess, contain a mix of letters, numbers, and characters, etc. It can be annoying to try and think up a new password every few weeks or months that is strong enough and is one that you can remember. 

But what if your password had the power to affect your mindset every time you use it? 

I encourage our employees to create passwords that are secure but also impact the way they feel about themselves. Yes, I’m serious. 

How can something as simple as a password make such a major impact? I believe if you choose a password that has a meaningful message behind it, it will make every day better. That’s why I choose a password based on an encouraging sentence. For example, I might want my sentence to be: “I am successful and taking steps toward my goals.”

So, using the first letter of each word and tacking on some numbers and characters for safe measure, my password becomes: Iasatstmg!123

In this way, every morning when I put my password in I have an opportunity to talk to myself, encourage myself to reach my goals, and set my mindset up for success. 

It’s a very simple but effective habit that reminds me of what I decide is important to remember. 

It’s a clever way to build yourself.

The things we do over and over again, every day, have the power to impact all aspects of our personal and professional lives.

The things we do over and over again, every day, have the power to impact all aspects of our personal and professional lives. A Duke University study found that up to 45% of all our daily behaviors are automatic. So imagine what would happen if you implemented good habits—for 45% of your day!

Our password trick is one easy way you can set your day up for success and speak to yourself in the way you want to be spoken to.  

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