Beyond Remote : Meaningful Connections

Remote work: no commutes, no cubicles and choosing to work wherever you are most productive. It doesn’t get much better than this, does it? Well, maybe it does. At Clevertech we continue to learn that what we lack in office space, we make up for in human connection.

On Friday, our entire company received a message from our CEO with an assignment for the weekend. The instructions were simple:

That’s right, dinner over the weekend on the company dime. Dinner not your thing? That’s not a problem:

What Clevertech realized was that companies with a brick and mortar office are able to take their teams out for a meal to show their appreciation. In reality, many companies don’t actually even take the time to appreciate their employees at all. The gratitude poured in:

All that we were asked to do in return? Share photos. Over the weekend, pictures flooded in on Instagram, Twitter and our General Slack Channel - united by the hashtag #ClevertechOutToEat. Through these pictures, we were able to see our co workers from all all around the world and got to know each other in a way we never would have in a traditional office.

In Canada, Andres shared a meal with his wife as they celebrated their first baby on the way. Guilherme from Brazil was able to treat his entire family to dinner. Deanna, in Canada, sat outside by the fire enjoying dinner and drinks. In Spain, Flavio celebrated his wedding anniversary while in Brazil, Fred celebrated his engagement. In Philadelphia, I was able to share a delicious sushi dinner with my boyfriend as we reflected on how different our life together would be if I didn’t have this remote job.

Working remotely is a gift. While it may be a bit more difficult for us to go grab a bite to eat with a colleague, we definitely don’t miss out on getting to know each other. Clevertech made it possible to share a meal with almost 100 people from all walks of life, all over the globe and build relationships both in and out of work along the way.



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