"No one suffering with a blood cancer should die because they are unable to find a matching blood stem cell donor" –DKMS Mission Statement.

We built a sophisticated mobile digital registration and qualification system that allows DKMS to enroll potential stem cell donors across the globe. Within 30 days from launch, the system had found and arranged its first match!

Understanding the business challenge


The process of registration as a potential bone marrow donor can be tedious and bothersome between loads of health check related information and extensive forms. Our aim was to make this journey as smooth as possible for potential donors. In order to ship the right solution we worked with designers, experts at DKMS and potential users.


We spoke to a number of potential users and presented them with ideas for the app flow. We used their feedback to iterate and improve over what we could best achieve step by step making the flow as seamless as possible.

User Testing

Starting early, we made sure to always have relevant information on the table both for our testers and friends over at DKMS to look and see and let us know what they think. They brought potential users to the table early, for constant iterative feedback.

User Stories

We used both personas and stories to achieve maximum coverage of all use cases of the app. Together we were able to identify edge cases and provide the best experience even for outliers, making them not be outliers anymore!

Mapping the journey


With the concept in mind, it was time for the drawing board. We laid out all the required components and used feedback collected earlier to blend them all together into a complete flow. We stayed closely in touch with DKMS to maintain consistency with what their users are already used to, evolving on the tried and true. We were able to deliver a user-friendly app flow that provides us with all the necessary information but doesn’t overwhelm the user...all while staying HIPPA compliant.

Creating the magic

Visual Design

The next natural step was painting the picture. We amalgamated best UI/UX practices, our experience and material design principles into the DKMS Style Guide and prepared a gorgeous and intuitive app that’s functional and easy to use. We kept the sleek and modern look of the DKMS website and leveraged dynamic components and highlights to guide the user through each screen.

It only takes a few taps to have the opportunity to beat cancer and save lives Using the app, users can be entered into the database and later contacted if they can give a patient with blood cancer or blood disease a second chance at life

Using the app, users can be entered into the database and later contacted if they can give a patient with blood cancer or blood disease a second chance at life


Increased Retention

The app is designed to work both online and offline – submitting potential donors’ data live or saving it locally until a secure connection is established, effectively eliminating the risk of losing users to bad connectivity, and allowing for use at offsite fairs and drives.


Time to register

We made every effort to ensure the flow is as smooth as possible effectively reducing the time needed to register by up to 40% without sacrificing the amount of information we capture.


User awareness

Before registration, users watch a short introductory video that ensures they know how to support DKMS and the cause as well as what the process is for when they can save a life.

There is no better hobby than saving lives

For those who cannot support the fight by donating bone marrow or stem cells, we offered the option to stay in touch and volunteer, donate funds, and even organize a drive!

With over 7 million registered donors and over 60 thousand bone marrow donations to date, our strength is in numbers. Even users whose health situation prevents them from becoming donors can contribute and we’re there to stay in touch and find out more. Not all heroes wear capes.

Learn more

Be sure to visit DKMS.org to find out more about the cause and how you can get involved and help beat cancer. We all need more lifesavers and it’s never been easier to take the first step and give someone a second chance.


At a local drive, check out the app and see for yourself how easy it is to do your part. Take a few minutes to watch the video, check the health requirements, submit your information and let us do the rest.

Save lives

At the end of the day, it’s our users and everyone involved that have the power to save another person’s life. We have built a tool that streamlines the process and are looking forward to seeing it rolled out worldwide.


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