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So you found Clevertech while browsing for jobs and you’re thinking about applying. We’re fans of making sure you have work and life balance, all while making sure you don’t have to sacrifice growth in your career. When people join Clevertech they’re excited by the projects they’ll work on, the community we’ve created, and the ability to work from anywhere. Sold? Great. We’re sharing our hiring process with you because we believe in transparency, and want you to enjoy getting to know our team.

Because we’re remote, all our first, and second interviews are done via Zoom. Video calls are an integral part of our remote success. Because we’re all over the world, it’s important for us to connect face to face. Pro-Tip: Just like you would put your best foot forward in person, make sure you present yourself professionally. Have a clean backdrop for your interview, and you have a solid internet connection. Grabbing the interview from your iPhone in your car, or while doing laundry is probably not the best way to get started.


Step 1: Applying with Clevertech

We’ve made this a simple process that doesn’t require a resume or cover letter. We honestly just want to get to you. Here’s what you can expect in our initial process: Where can we learn more about you? What technology are you great with? What technology do you love? What are some impressive work accomplishments? Why is remote important to you? What your salary requirements are, and when can you start? Another important one is, what flexibility do you have to work in EST/PST time zones?

The time zone question is important to us because we all work at least a six hour overlap within the EST timezone. We get asked why a lot. For us, it’s important that our team is able to work together and with our clients on projects no matter where they are in the world. When our team isn’t working they’re enjoying their cities, hanging out with their families, or even learning new hobbies. Wait until you see our amazing Slack channels, there’s something for everyone!

We also send you a technical skills assessment during our interview process. It’s important for us to have a deeper understanding of your real world technical abilities. Our team is filled with people who are great with multiple languages and have impressive backgrounds. We want to make sure we’re able to put you on a project with them and enable you to thrive.


Step 2: First interview with our recruiters

Our recruiters are amazing people who are here to make sure you have the best candidate experience. During this interview, they’ll be asking questions to learn more about your experience, meaningful projects you’ve had an impact on, technologies that excite you, and who you are as a team member. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about Clevertech’s culture, the company as a whole, and the specific role you’re interviewing for. This is your first time to shine with our team, but also feel free to ask any questions you may have on this call!

Step 3: Second interview with Kuty

Kuty is our CEO. He’ll dive more into your background, ask more technical questions, and get a better understanding of who you are. Before talking with Kuty, we highly recommend watching this series of videos. We put together FAQ’s on Clevertech for you to have a better idea and keep you feeling informed during your interview process.


Step 4- Final interview with Michael

Michael is our President, and you’ll be doing this interview via phone. Michael will ask a series of his own technical questions, learning more about you, and will also confirm any outstanding questions. Depending on the role, this may or may not include a free-form technical exercise or whiteboarding session as well!

It’s important for us to keep you in the loop during the interview process. No matter what, we’ll always maintain communication with you. We know applying, interviewing, and taking technical assessments are time consuming and we appreciate it.  

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