Understanding the userflow

Initial Research

The complexity of shipping can be cumbersome, tedious and in certain cases archaic. Our goal was to simplify the process of shipping as well as introduce easy international shipments.


From large scale shippers, preparing and shipping thousands of packages a day to individuals shipping a few parcels a week, our interview process was thorough to understand the core pain points for clients and address these concerns.

User Testing

From the beginning, we started introducing new techniques of creating interactive mockups as well as early deliverables to better understand the required technologies and workflow.

User Stories

We used both Personas and Stories to achieve maximum coverage of all use cases. Together we were able to identify edge cases and provide the best experience across the board between high volume and low volume clients.

Information Hierarchy


With our core concepts in place, it was time to layout the initial user flows through wire framing. This guided the teams initial development and architecture as well as provided the client with an early iterative process.

Putting it all together

Visual Design Work

Having strong branding already in place, it was time to make our wireframes come to life. We were also able to further define the user experience and implemented the color scheme.

User Friendly

With large forms, the state of each input is carefully controlled and visually enhanced to allow users to easily navigate with both keyboard or mouse.


Using the corporate colors we were able to introduce a stateful nature to the application which guides users through the process of creating a shipment. This ensures a great experience whether you are an avid shipper or a complete novice.

Big and Small

Smart4Shipping is developed to fulfill the needs of both extremely large scale shippers as well as the one off shippers. Every item on the screen is a well thought out necessity to provide balance between form and function.

Being extremely user friendly leaves most of the heavy lifting to be done behind the scenes. Start entering an address and we’ll figure out the rest for you, whether it be a cross border shipment, specific package types or simply a zip code, most of the forms on the application are highly intuitive.

The effectiveness of the work

The Results

Smart4Shipping is truly a new take on an outdated system, which really leverages the performance and functionality that modern technology and smart development provides. From scales to scanners, offline shipping to label generation this application packs a punch.


Increased productivity


Increase in completion rate


Feedback rating


Thoughts & Work

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